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donating socks can help the homeless like this homess huy sitting against a wall wearing no socks


Why Donate Socks To The Homeless

Imagine finding yourself without a home, living on the streets, doing a lot of panhandling and walking. Walking from where you lay your head to the nearest place for food. Maybe you experienced a divorce, a death, a job loss, or an environmental issue that was beyond your control…you are now homeless. Now, imagine that sock drawer that you take for granted, imagine it no longer exists and instead of rummaging through it to grab that perfect pair to go with your wardrobe, there isn’t a single pair waiting to be worn. Imagine walking around barefoot in the dirty streets just to find food or use the bathroom. Suddenly it becomes clear why we should all donate socks to the homeless.

Why Donate Socks To The Homeless

When people view the homeless, they view them as being worthless; the truth is, there are tons of homeless individuals that don’t choose to be homeless. It’s the end of the street, one bad turn leads to another, and for some, finding themselves at rock bottom with no way out is where they get stuck. 

Society could do the homeless a favor by donating, purchasing or gifting socks. If you aren’t into passing out change or food, give them a good pair of socks. Local shelters and charitable organizations say that the thing least donated is socks. Socks are something that they are in dire need of. Not only do socks provide warmth, to some homeless individuals, it may provide comfort. 

What It’s Like To Be Homeless

If you were homeless in the winter, here are a few things you might experience:

  • It takes 30 minutes to get frostbite in sub-zero temperatures. 
  • It takes 5-10 minutes to get frostbite in temperatures below -15.
  • Wet Socks breed bacteria and can create a host of health issues.
  • Your self-esteem will be gone because you don’t even have socks on your feet.

Walking around without socks creates odor, blisters, issues for those with diabetes, embarrassment, and depression. Even in summer, the last thing in the heat the homeless may be searching for is socks but walking around barefoot on a hot pavement probably isn’t ideal either. Those donated socks would at least keep their feet from the hot temperatures on sidewalks. Socks are ideal because they are easy to wash and quick to dry. They are also easy to store in a pocket or backpack.  

It’s important for homeless shelters and people to be gifted socks. Can you imagine the happiness you might bring to someone who hasn’t worn socks in months? Imagine the bad day you are having at work or home and making a trip to the local homeless shelter, filling your bag with used socks you no longer wear or need and the look on their faces when they receive something they aren’t used to being gifted. That on its own might make your day better. 

How You Can Help


Organizing a sock drive, delivering donated socks to shelters, especially donating to the VA Hospitals would be a selfless act. Can you even begin to imagine how many people who served this country are walking around without socks on their feet? Also purchasing socks from companies that donate a certain percentage of money to the homeless is a great idea. DeadSoxy has socks from the Charity Collabs collection that gives back to the community so when you purchase a pair of socks not only are you getting a premium sock for you, someone else is getting a gift as well. 


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