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Why Do I Get Holes In Socks?

There’s no better feeling than sliding your feet into a new cozy pair of socks. The ultra-comfortable fabric and design provide just the right amount of support and the perfect fit. Your feet are in new sock bliss! So you use these new socks throughout your week, your new favorites. Then the inevitable happens. You’re midday at work and all of a sudden something feels different. You notice you can feel the inside of your shoe with your big toe and this leaves your wondering why you always suffer from holes in socks!

two pairs of socks on a washing line

Why does it seem like the lifecycle of a sock is so short? Is there a way you can prevent or delay the dreaded hole in your sock? Let’s discuss why those holes in socks keep popping up along with some tips and tricks you can put into practice to extend the life of your socks.

  • How Do You Walk?
  • Are You Caring For Your Toenails?
  • Are Your Feet Being Pampered?
  • Shoes Are Your Friend
  • Don’t Sacrifice Quality For Cost

Take Notice Of Your Toes!

Everyone has their own style of walk. You probably know someone that tends to walk with their toes somewhat turned in, known as being “pigeon-toed”. When someone walks that way, they’re putting more pressure on the toe of the sock, which tends to cause it to wear down faster. 

toes in running water

While no longer walking pigeon-toed would help prevent the wear, it’s extremely difficult to change the way you’ve walked throughout your life. Instead, make the investment into a good supply of high-quality socks. Having a better fabric will help prevent wear and tear on your socks from occurring so quickly. 

Take Care Of Your Toenails!

When you’re wearing socks all the time, you may not notice just how long your toenails get. However, if you’re not taking the time to trim them every six to eight weeks, you’re going to end up with holes in your socks. Having too much time between trims allows the toenails to get long, which in turn means they’re going to be sharper. 

Long toenails apply more pressure to your sock since they take-up more room. The sharpness of your nail continuously pressing against the sock with gradually wear down the fabric and more holes in socks will be born. 

toenail clippers on white background

To help prevent this, keep up with trimming your toenails. Aside from the benefit of lengthening the life of your socks, your shoes will fit more comfortably, and you can help prevent ingrown toenails from forming. 

Pamper Your Feet!

Believe it or not, another common cause of holes in socks is dry skin. A lot of people are prone to dry and even cracked feet. When you neglect your feet, the skin will repeatedly snag on the fabric, causing it to gradually wear down faster. 

Picture of legs and feet being pampered in the bath

You don’t need to go to a nail salon to take care of your feet. Invest in some good lotion to keep your feet moisturized and some sort of pumice stone or exfoliator. Between the two, you’ll be able to smooth out your feet and prevent the dreaded snags! Not only will you lengthen the life of your socks, but your feet will also look and feel amazing!

Keep Your Shoes On!

While it’s common to take your shoes off when entering a home, you typically end up keeping your socks on. Regardless of the surface you’re walking on, the direct contact with the floor is going to create friction, which will cause the fabric to wear down faster. 

bright blue pair of boardroom socks.

While no one wants to keep their shoes on all the time, try getting a comfy pair of slippers to wear indoors, or consider taking your socks off as well and walking around barefoot. 

Even though shoes somewhat hide your socks, you can still show off your personality! Below are a few options to consider:

  • Knee-High Socks
  • Baseball Stir-ups
  • Crew Socks 

Don’t Purchase Cheap Socks!

While the value pack of ten pairs of socks you find at your local department store may seem tempting, don’t do it! Cheap socks with lower quality fabric aren’t going to hold up and you’ll end up needing to replenish your supply more often. 

If you have a job where you have to stand on your feet for long periods of time, you need socks that will be supportive and are made from a premium material that’s built to last. Look into investing in some high-quality, custom socks!

Woman wearing socks

Custom socks allow you to show off your personality by selecting your favorite colors and designs. Aside from looking great, they’re built to last from high-quality materials and will offer excellent support to cushion your feet throughout the day. 

While getting a hole in your sock seems like the inevitable, it doesn’t have to be! Follow these simple tips and tricks we’ve reviewed into your normal routine, and you’ll be sure to extend the life cycle of your favorite socks!

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