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Why Do We Wear Premium Socks?

Socks are the perfect accessory to any outfit and there are so many fun socks out there that allow you to express your personality and style. You probably started wearing socks at a young age when your parents would slip those tiny socks on to your baby feet before you went out for the day. Eventually, you followed in those footsteps and now choose your own premium socks to wear.

One thing a lot of us probably didn’t learn growing up was why we wear socks. We know that we’re supposed to wear them but do we really know the reason for them? The answer to that question can be found by digging a little deeper into the benefits and history of socks. 

Brightly colored premium socks under shoes

History Of Socks 

The socks we know now aren’t the same socks that have always been around. Just like every other invention, they started as one thing and eventually evolved into what we have now.  It’s said that the Ancient Greeks and Cavemen were the trendsetters that started wearing socks. They would either wear animal skin that they tied around their feet and ankles or they would use “piloi” socks made from matted animal hair. 

Hand knitting socks were the next to hit the market and technology began to take off from there. The knitting machine was invented and eventually, socks were easily attainable for the average consumer to buy. Socks would eventually become the standard accessory they’ve become today. The history of socks is interesting and you can find out more by reading our blog about it!

Socks Help Your Foot Health

Aside from being able to buy premium socks with different designs and styles, there are health benefits you get from wearing them. Your feet sweat just like all the other parts of your body and I’m sure you’ve felt the sweat if you’ve ever worn a pair of shoes without socks for a day. It’s terribly uncomfortable.

If you keep your feet in shoes that have excessive moisture for extended periods of time you run the risk of getting athletes foot from the bacteria. Thankfully we have socks that help absorb the moisture to prevent excessive sweat and bacteria from building up.

Woman wearing premium socks

The goal of keeping your feet comfortable in your sock doesn’t end at moisture absorbing. The sock acts as a barrier and a cushion. Having a barrier between your foot and shoe prevents you from getting blisters and sores from your skin rubbing throughout the day. 

A good premium sock will also give you a nice amount of cushion and support to keep your foot comfy throughout the day as if you’re walking on the clouds. 

Premium Socks Protect You From The Elements 

You know what having cold feet is like if you’ve ever walked through the snow or gone ice fishing. Any type of cold weather can make your feet and toes so uncomfortable. We rely a lot on socks to help us through those situations. A nice pair of premium socks will help keep your toes warm by trapping heat. They’ll also help prevent frostbite in extremely cold environments. 

man tying shoes while wearing premium socks

In addition to keeping your feet warm, they can also help keep your feet cool. If you’re on your feet a lot in warm environments it can be easy to get overheated. The right fabric in a sock can help keep your feet cool by being breathable and absorbing moisture. 

Socks add a layer of protection between your foot and the surface you’re walking on. It’s always suggested if you’re walking around in socks you keep your shoes on to help keep the fabric in great condition, but that’s not always possible. 

There have been multiple situations where someone is walking in their house and something gets stuck in their sock. Let’s say it was a wooden splinter. You’ll be thankful the sock was there to act as a barrier and prevent the splinter from being lodged into your foot. 

Socks Keep Your Feet Fresh

Feet that have been sweating in a shoe all day without socks give off a distinct smell. You’ve probably heard multiple smells being compared to the odor of stinky feet because it’s so well known. A nice pair of premium socks will help prevent those odors and the potential embarrassment that comes along with the smell. 

Most shoes aren’t specifically built to absorb the moisture from your feet unless it’s some sort of sandal or shoe that is meant to be worn barefoot. Repeatedly wearing your shoes without socks can actually ruin them. The shoe will absorb all the sweat from your feet and the smell will be practically impossible to get out. 

man with crossed ankles wearing nice shoes and premium socks

Having socks on will help you stop your sweat and bacteria from reaching the shoe by being absorbed in the sock. It’s much more convenient to throw a pair of socks into the wash and have them come out clean and fresh. Shoes are much harder to clean and make a horrible sound when they bang around in your washer or dryer. 

As socks have evolved throughout the years the high level of importance of wearing them remains. Have some fun while keeping your feet healthy and protected with some DeadSoxy premium socks. Express your personality by selecting your favorite color and pattern from a wide variety of pre-designed socks. Take a look at some DeadSoxy Favorites:

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