Here’s The Skinny on Selvedge Denim

Selvedge denim. We all have heard of this term, but do we really know what is it? Is there a difference with the regular ones? The answer is very simple. Selvedge denim or self-edge, is denim that is sown on old style shuttle looms, the same way they used to make way back in time, or even simpler, it is a denim that is woven on old style traditional mills.

Because this method is woven in an old school way, the process can go really slow and also the price really high, but high on quality too, and with other modern method, you can get much more denim per hour, when is not selvedge with a much lower price.

            Originally, back in time, the mid-19th century in the United States, they were created only for workers, because people needed something strong that wouldn`t break or tear apart during intense work. But today, for most of the people, this process is not a big problem and they love to be part of that journey.

For the coloring part of the jeans, the cotton and the dyeing processes used for selvedge are not necessarily different than those used for the non-selvedge. But, for the washing part, the both kinds of jeans, you should wash alone from the other clothes, because they will ruin everything that is in lighter and other color that you wash it with. The reason for this is because the fabric is dyed with indigo. That is pigment that stays on top of the fabric and not soak into it. This can`t be a problem after a few washes.

Selvedge denim can be really salty on the price, but if you want to invest in a good and quality pair of jeans, you should choose this kind. It is typically tighter and denser weave, they feel stronger, a lot heavier and look really neat. Or in one sentence, selvedge denim is characterized by its firm, often striped and always neat selvedge. Compared to the typical pair of jeans, which can be soft and untidy in some way.

If you are one of those people who likes to put their jeans and feel instantly comfortable, this kind of denim, is not for you. The reason for that is, those kind of jeans can be really uncomfortable at the beginning, because they can be really stiffed and you have to wear them a few times and also wash them, till they really break in and start do mold on your body. Because of that, the non-selvedge jeans are more like “they’d been worn for years” and they are the more popular choice by people.

But these days, that is changing because now people want a quality pair of denim jeans and want to break them naturally, like they were in the old days. In that way they will have their own and very unique pair of jeans, with changes according to their lifestyle they live when they are wearing them. It is like reading their story when you look at their jeans.

For those with a busy schedule, and no time for always ironing and taking care of their pants, but they want to look tidy, selvedge denim jeans are very smart choice. You just throw back some shirt and you are good to go.

One cool thing about selvedge denim is, when you turn the cuff inside out, you can see that the edge is nicely finished all the way up, and they add very interesting cuffed look if you wear them like that. Again, compared to the other modern-day jeans, they have unfinished edge and you cannot achieve that look.

The last but very important thing is sizing. This can be really tricky, because for example, if your size is 30, that means maybe you will need a size 32. That is why, before you buy them, measure yourself and try them on.