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Sock Style Tips For Black Shoes And Blue Suits

Dark, vibrant blue suits with black shoes have been worn by dapper men for over a century. The look of Presidents and businessmen alike have always kept it classy with the alluring look of a man who means business. This look is easily achievable, but these style tips will give you the do and don’t for black shoes and blue suits. Socks are an integral part of this so we have included some great sock style tips too!

Black Oxfords (Balmoral) And Brogue

man wearing summer socks in yellow

Black Oxfords are considered to be a more formal and sleeker dress shoe while Brogue Oxfords are considered to be less formal because of their heavy construction. Every man who owns a dark blue suit should own a standard pair of Black Oxfords. If you’re interested in the casual look, a simple black Brogue will be a staple to your wardrobe. If you are going for a professional look then make sure you avoid black slip-on shoes with a Blue suit.

Patterned Suits Are Out


To maintain a professional and versatile look, a standard non-patterned blue suit is a must. It is quite easy to create and maintain complementary looks with a standard dark or Navy-blue suit. The suit can be complemented by various shirt and tie style/color combinations, but keep the blue suit plain.

Picking Ties And Accessories That Coordinate With Your Suit

When choosing a tie, you must consider if the tie will complement, become adjacent to, or contrast your blue suit. Analogous colors will complement your blue suit. You can match your tie to your suit or go for something that is a complete contrast. An extra tip is to match your socks to your tie. This sock style tip helps to add that finishing touch to your outfit.

Going Casual Means Losing The Tie

Those black shoes will remain the focus of your wardrobe with or without the tie. For a more informal look, leave the tie at home. If casual is what you are going for, there is no need to even pick out a tie to match your blue suit. Without the tie, changing up the color of your dress shirt will still create a casual ensemble. Colors like orange create a contrasting and vibrant look. Ties give some creativity but once again, that depends on your style choice. 

Wearing A Blue Or White Dress Shirt

If you are undecided about reaching out and making a color change with your blue suit, go with the standard white shirt. There are so many different styles of white dress shirts, find the one that makes a crisp statement keeping your comfort in mind. 

Mixing It Up With Other Shirts

Utilizing dress shirts that represent your style is essential. You can mix and match your blue suit with any colored dress shirt that suits your style. As long as the colors don’t clash, any paisley, pinstripe, or solid colored dress shirt will work. Color coordinate with the function or outing you are attending and check it out in the mirror. If you feel like it doesn’t look right, you won’t be comfortable in your own clothing. You can always ask for a second opinion. People are surprisingly good judges of wardrobe malfunctions especially if they are in the same business as you.

Sock Style Tips

bundle sock packs

Is anyone really going to see those fabulous, premium funky socks your wearing from DeadSoxy? You wear them for style, comfort, and above all, if someone does see them, it will make a great conversation piece. 

If you are trying to be extremely professional, wear socks that match your suit, or dress shirt. Nothing says crisp like matching premium socks. 

Maybe you want to go really bold and wear matching socks and tie. This look makes a statement, above else, get funky with it!

To perfect the look of the blue suit and black shoes, just remember these things:

  • Black, clean Oxfords for formal, Brogue for casual
  • Navy or Dark Blue is professionally the best.
  • Pick a tie that blends with your suit.
  • Don’t pick a tie, drop the tie for casual looks.
  • Utilize a blue or white dress shirt for formal wear.
  • Wear colored dress shirts to get funky with your wardrobe for casual settings.
  • Don’t forget out sock style tips and add some awesome socks to finish the outfit perfectly. 


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