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how to organize your socks


Organizing Socks – How To Organize Your Socks

Putting away laundry is a job no one wants to do…especially when it comes to socks. Don’t we all just throw the socks in the drawer and slam it shut? Later we come back looking for a missing sock that seems impossible to find. There is a solution and that is by ensuring we spend time organizing socks! 

Often when it comes to putting our socks away, we are missing one. Ever hear that saying, “The dryer ate one of my socks again.”?  No matter how hard you try to keep them together and wash them separately, one will always come up missing. It’s time to start check your fitted bed sheets because they might be wrapped up in there. The downside to not organizing socks is that it can be hard to tell which pairs are actual pairs and which are still missing! So let’s dive in and see how we can help solve the missing sock problem.


Why Should I Worry About Organizing Socks?

Organizing your sock drawer and keeping it neat and clean is a great habit to get into. Often the cute or classy socks we purchase for their colors or to match with certain wardrobes are inaccessible when the drawer is a mess. If you find yourself digging deep to find those DeadSoxy no shows for your next golf outing or important business meeting, then it’s about time you get your socks together and get organized. Let’s discuss how to organize your sock drawer so you can efficiently find what you are looking for quickly. Here we will be covering the following steps to get your feet looking Dead Soxy

  • Discard old socks
  • Save space with folding
  • Get organized
  • Stick with it

Out With The Old In With The New

First and foremost, goodbye holey socks! If you can’t reuse them as rags or sweatbands, toss them. Chances are, if your sock drawer is already a mess, you can afford to let those go. Organizing your sock drawer in preparation for your DeadSoxy premium socks should come with ease once the mismatched ones and torn ones are out of the way.


The next step is to think hard about which ones you don’t like or haven’t worn. Maybe they were for a specific outfit or function, or maybe they had a cute design but didn’t really feel right. Get rid of those too-but don’t throw them out just yet-separate them from the ones that you plan to keep. Make a pile. The socks you don’t want can be donated to those in need.

Save Space By Folding

Socks can be folded in many directions and stored in many ways. What works best for you and how much time you have to spend on folding socks is something you should consider. Most of us just mate them, fold them together, and throw them in the drawer. This works for some people, but it isn’t very space-saving and it also destroys the elastic that keeps them in place to begin with.

There are many ways to fold socks. The standard method is to simply fold one pair over and insert it into the other pair. If the sock isn’t too bulky, this method won’t take up a lot of space, as it can remain flat in the drawer or stacked. Good Housekeeping provides some diagrams on how to fold socks into one another. Another method of folding socks takes some practice, it requires building a cross with each sock and folding and tucking. Once again, Good Housekeeping gives some tips on this origami-style of folding socks. 



Storing Socks By Color, Style, or Wardrobe

Since you are going to stay organized, let’s figure out how to store those socks. Do you generally wear dress socks or sports socks? You might want to keep the ones you wear to work in the front of the drawer or on one side over the other.

  • If you generally wear long socks, keep them in the front of the drawer for easy access. If those socks are used for winter only and its summer, put them neatly in the back. After all, we generally open the drawer and grab what’s in front. Vice versa for whichever sock you may be in a hurry to grab. 
  • If you color coordinate your socks with your wardrobe, you may want to store the socks in a colored row. 
  • If you are the type of person who prefers the funky colors and designs, keep them stored on top of each other in the corner. This makes it easy to see and find.
  • If you are the type of person who doesn’t really have a preference for how to store your socks, try keeping all your casual socks together, work socks together, play socks together, but in separate areas of the drawer. This makes it easy to manipulate thru each sock area in the drawer to find exactly what you want when you need it for the occasion.
  • Another easy way to stay organized is the use of drawer separators that can be made at home or purchase at a retailer. You might even be able to label which socks are which and that might make it easier to store the socks for easy access according to the occasion. It could potentially also keep you on the sorting path, so your drawer stays fresh. 


Keeping It Clean

Keeping your sock drawer clean requires personal attention, time, and deems your socks worthy of being in order. Again, storage dividers are a great way to keep your sock drawer maintained. It really comes down to making a habit of mating your socks and sticking to it. When you do laundry, mate your socks immediately to keep them together. Then use whichever method you choose to store them. From there, the storage ideas are endless and completely up to the individual preference about how they utilize their socks. 

Take a look at the lightweight, premium, perfect for any occasion, easy to mate socks from Deadsoxy. They will always have a look that will keep you comfortable and cool. Plus, since you just got rid of all the socks that you didn’t need you can treat yourself to something new!


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