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recycle old socks hanging on a washing line


How To Recycle Old Socks

Everyone gets to the point where their socks just aren’t wearable any longer. Whether the elastic is worn or there’s a hole in the toe, you end up having to throw them out. What if you learned there’s a ton of ways you can reuse and recycle those old socks? Take a look at some of the following sock hacks to recycle those old socks and put them to good use!


Household Cleaning and Home Improvement Projects

cleaning with an old rag - recycle old socks

Dust Rags

Using a sock as a dust rag is as easy as it gets. You don’t need to do anything special. Just use the sock to wipe things down. Spritz a little cleaner onto the surface and wipe away. Throw them in the washer when you’re finished and use them again another day.  This is the easiest way to recycle old socks.

Blind Cleaner

Cleaning blinds can be a nightmare. There’s no easy way to do it. To try and ease the pain of this daunting task, place the sock on your hand like a sock puppet and squeeze each blind slat between your fingers. While squeezing you can run your hand along the slat to pick up the dust. You’ll still need to go slat by slat but should be able to breeze through it fairly quickly. 


Do you have a dry erase calendar hung up to go over your family’s schedules for the week? Old socks are the perfect way to erase your writing. It’s so common for the actual eraser to get misplaced and lost. Grab an old sock and wipe away the writing easily. You’ll never have to worry about that misplaced eraser again. 

Convenient Vaccum

How many times have you dropped an earring or just a small piece of jewelry on the floor? Maybe you are doing a project and dropped the tiny screw you need to complete it. Using a standard vacuum won’t help since it will get sucked up into it and possibly damaged along the way. 

Take one of your old socks and slide it over the vacuum. If it’s a handheld vacuum, place the sock over the front. If it’s a standard vacuum, slide the sock over the detachable hose. Turn on the vacuum and run that part across the floor. The small item will get sucked up by stopped by the sock. This will save you the time and effort of crawling around on the floor. 

Moonwalk Sock

It’s much easier to practice moonwalking when you have socks on. Why not clean a little bit while you’re doing it? Throw on a pair of old socks and dance the night away around your house. You’ll be cleaning the floors and dusting along on the process. 

Shoe Covers

Have you ever gone into a house and don’t feel like taking your shoes off? This happens a lot during open houses in real estate. Keep a pair of bigger old socks in your bag for your next visit in case the realtor or homeowner doesn’t have booties. Slide those socks right over the top of your shoes and you have some ready-made shoe covers. 

Doorknob Drop Cloth

It’s a best practice to place a drop cloth down when you’re painting a room. But what happens to other objects in there? Doorknobs can get expensive to replace when you have to buy multiples. Protect your doorknob from the paint by sliding an old sock onto the handle. The sock will act as a barrier between the paint and the knob in case you splash a little here and there. 


Socks are the perfect way to stain some wooden furniture. Use the sock to spread out the stain evenly across the wood. You’ll only get one use out of the sock but it will leave the perfect finish on your furniture. 

Recycle Old Socks While Doing The Housework

recycle old socks hanging on a washing line

Jar Opener 

Opening a stubborn jar is a problem for everyone. It’s typically the one ingredient you need to finish your meal and it’s so frustrating. Use an old sock to grab the lid of the jar and spin it open. You’ll be amazed at how easily the jar opens from the grip of the sock. It will save you a ton of effort and frustration. 

Floor Protector

One of the most concerning tasks with moving furniture is making sure you don’t scratch your floors. Wouldn’t it be so much easier just to push some of that furniture down the hall? You can recycle old socks by taking a couple pairs of nice, thick socks and slide them onto the leg of the furniture. This will prevent the floor from being scratched and allow you to move the furniture more freely. 

Level Your Table

Eating on a table that isn’t level can be so frustrating. Every move you make causes the thing to wobble and potentially spill your food and drink. Slide a sock or two onto the leg that is causing the table to be uneven. Add enough to get it the perfect height and you’ll solve your wobbly table problems. 

Bath Soap Companion

Slip your soap into one of your old socks for the ultimate bathing experience. Keep the soap in the sock while you wet it and allow it to lather up. Use the sock with the soap in it and it will work like a washcloth or a loofa. It’s much easier to prevent the slippery soap from falling out of your hands and will extend the life of your bar of soap and is a great way to recycle old socks. 

Potpourri Holder 

Add a fresh scent to your home with some sock potpourri holders. Toss some potpourri into one of your old socks and place them around the house. It’ll give off that beautiful aroma while keeping the potpourri contained. Tie the end of the sock to prevent any potpourri from falling out if the sock is moved. 

Garden Socks

a pretty green garden = the perfect place to recycle old socks.

Knee Pad

Half the battle with gardening is how hard it can be on your knees. Use some old socks to make some homemade knee pads. Take some old socks and stuff them with some cushioning. Tie them off at the ends to make sure the filling doesn’t fall out of the sock. They’ll be the perfect cushion to protect your knees.

Protect Your Arms 

Sometimes when you’re working in the garden or through any type of foliage you’ll run into some thorns or sharp pieces. It’s so easy to get snagged on a piece and end up with scratches up and down your arms. Cut the end off of a few pairs of socks and slide them up your arms for some makeshift sleeves. This will help protect your arms without the worry of ruining your good clothes. 

Plant Cleaner 

It’s extremely important to keep your houseplants clean. They can get dusty, dirty, and covered in tiny bugs if you don’t. Use an old sock on your hand to help with the cleaning process. Spray the plants a bit and use your socks to wipe them off. Having them on your hands will make it easy to manoeuvre throughout the leaves. 

Soap Scrubby 

Consider replacing your heavy-duty scrubber for outside with an old sock and bar of soap. Slip the soap into the sock and tie off the end to keep it in there. The texture of the sock will help get rid of the stuck-on dirt and will easily lather up as the soap gets wet inside. 

Outside Faucet Protector

One of the biggest worries as winter sets in is freezing pipes. When your pipes freeze it can cause them to burst and create a huge, expensive problem. Add a bit of protection to your outdoor faucets by wrapping some thick socks around them. This will help insulate them to help prevent frozen pipes. 

Storage, Protection, and Coverage


Art Supply Storage

Use some old socks to hold on to the art supplies you have in your home. Toss your colored pencils into one of the socks to keep them all together and prevent them from ruining anything else. You can do this with any art supply that will fit. 

Pots and Pans Holder 

I’m sure we’ve all made the painful mistake of grabbing a pot or pan that has a hot handle. Use some old socks to grab the handle and prevent burning yourself. It’s a great idea to stuff the sock with some batting to add some cushion and more of a barrier. These work great for removing lids from your pots that have become a bit toasty. 

Umbrella Cover

Compact umbrellas are so convenient. They’re easy to toss in your purse or bag to keep just in case. The problem you’ll run into is where to put it once you use it and it’s wet. Take some taller socks and use them as a cover. Slide the umbrella into the sock when you’re done using it to help soak up the excess water. 

Tool Storage 

Tools are expensive. It’s important to do everything you can to keep them in great condition so you don’t have to replace them. A common issue with tools is the risk of rust. Cover your tools with an old sock to help protect them from the elements. This works great for hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and any other tool that can fit. 

Water Bottle Cover

Reusable water bottles are everywhere. It’s so convenient to be able to fill up that bottle and take it with you on the road. However, condensation can become an issue with some of your bottles. Try sliding your bottles into an old sock. This will help insulate the bottle and soak up any condensation that starts forming on the outside of the bottle. 

Golf Club Protector

Golf clubs are one of the most expensive parts of playing golf. Every golf club should have a protector on top to prevent any damage and rust. Golf club covers can be a bit costly, depending on what you’re interested in. Use some old socks that are a bit thicker and slide them onto the golf club. This will help protect the club at a low cost. 

Golf Ball Holder

Use an old sock as a golf ball pouch. Put all your golf balls for the day into the sock and toss it into your bag. This will help keep them all contained in one spot without adding bulk to your bag. 

Eyeglass Case

It’s so frustrating when you get a scratch on your new glasses. Considering carrying them around in an old sock. It’s soft enough on the inside to prevent scratches and has enough cushion to help protect them on the outside. 


Wrinkle Remover

Wrinkles are a problem that plagues the laundry world everywhere. You leave your clothes in the dryer or unfolded in a hamper and they’re covered in wrinkles. Try taking a few damp socks and tossing them in with some of your wrinkled clothes. These socks will help get the wrinkles out when you run the dryer for a few minutes. 

Patch Holes

Why throw away a good pair of jeans when you can patch them? Find a cool patterned old sock and use the fabric to patch up the hole. Your jeans will be as good as new with a little added flair.


Use some old socks as a place to hold deodorizing balls. You can place the balls in the sock and toss it in your gym bag or leave it in smelly places around your home. This will hide and keep the ball contained while keeping everything fresh.  


Picture of legs and feet being pampered in the bath

Heating Pad

Add some rice into an old sock and use it as a heating pad. Toss the rice sock into the microwave for a minute or two. It will heat up enough for you to apply to areas where you’re aching to ease your pain. 

Moisturizing Socks

Take a good, thick moisturizer and put it on your hands and feet before you’re going to bed. Allowing the lotion to work overnight will help improve your skin. Apply the lotion and cover it with socks to keep it in place. Your hands and feet will feel amazing in the morning. 


A fun way to create curls in your hair is to wrap it up overnight. Use a sock to help wrap up your strands of hair before you go to bed. It will be comfortable to sleep on and leave you with some beautiful locks in the morning. 

First Aid

ice pack - a great way to recycle old socks

Ice Pack Holder

Ice packs are a great way to ease the pain but they can get extremely cold. Take the ice pack and slide it into an old sock. This will insulate the ice pack and add a barrier between your skin and the cold. 


Hopefully you’ve never been in the situation where someone is in need of a tourniquet. You typically think of a belt as a way to tie off a body part to prevent bleeding. In a time of need, you can use a sock as well. You may need to tie a few together to fit around the entire arm. 


Wash Rag

A baby’s skin can be extremely sensitive. Sometimes a standard washcloth is just a bit too rough. Find some soft old socks to use during bathtime with your baby for gentle washing. 

Slipper Socks

You’ve probably been handed slipper socks before if you’ve ever been in the hospital. They have the little grippers on the bottom to make sure you don’t fall. You can do the same for your wobbly baby with some old socks. Take their socks and glue some socks to the bottom. This will give them some extra traction to help prevent falls on slick surfaces. 

Baby Mittens

Babies have sharp little nails and can easily scratch themselves. Slip some old socks onto their hand to be used as little mittens. This will help protect them for their sharp nails. 

Baby Blanket

Sew or tie together some of the baby’s old socks to create a blanket. It will be a great memory for them when they get older and it will help keep them warm throughout the night. 


Buff Your Car

Everyone wants a nice, shiny car. Use some old socks while to buff your car while you’re going through polishing it. It will leave you with a beautiful finish. 

Wash Rag

Use some old socks as a wash rag for your car. They’re soft enough to prevent scratching the paint and easily accessible. It’s the perfect addition to your car wash experience. 

Windshield Wiper Protectors

There’s nothing worse than coming to your car on a cold day and the windshield wipers are frozen. You spend so much time trying to get the ice off or waiting for it to thaw. Slip some socks over the windshield wipers when it’s cold as a way to insulate them and prevent ice from forming. 

Seat Belt Cover

How many times have you entered your toasty car and burned yourself with a hot seat belt? Slide some socks over the metal part of the buckle to prevent anyone from burning themselves when they buckle up. 

There’s no limit to how creative you can be with reusing some old socks. It’s a great way to get so much more out of your sock collection investment. While you’re cycling out your old socks, take a look at some new pre-designed beautiful socks offered by DeadSoxy. Find the perfect socks to express yourself from the wide variety of colors and patterns. 


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