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How To Avoid Lost Socks

Everyone has experienced the frustration of going through folding all of your laundry and realizing you have one sock left that’s missing a mate. You search everywhere for this sock and it’s like it grew legs and walked away on its’ own. Where do all those lost socks go?

Socks are such an integral part of your wardrobe. You’ll typically have on a pair of socks every day so it starts to add up when you have to continuously purchase replacements. It’s bad enough having to throw old socks away for getting holes in them. It’s even worse when you end up losing a sock in perfectly good condition that had a lot of life left. 

Here are some tips and tricks to prevent the washing machine from consuming your socks. 

Pair Socks With Their Mate

two pairs of lost socks on a washing line

It happens all the time. You get home from a long day and just want to air out your feet. You’ll yank each sock off and throw it in the laundry or even on your floor. By the time laundry day comes around, who knows if those socks will make it into the same load. It depends on where they are at the time you’re filling up your laundry basket. This alone can cause socks to go missing and end up in lots of lost socks.

It’s important to keep your socks paired with their mates at all times. It’s best to start the process from the time you take off the socks until you put them back on again. When you’re finished wearing a pair of socks for the day, try to remember to keep them together. An easy way to do this is to roll one sock into the other to make sure they make it into the laundry together. 

When you’re ready to do your laundry, grab some everyday household items to help keep your socks paired throughout the wash. Clothespins and safety pins work wonders. Take the pin and clip the two socks together before throwing them in the wash. Keep them pinned together throughout the washing and drying cycle. When you’re finished with your laundry you can unpin them and roll them together to place in your drawer or leave the pinned together until you’re ready to wear them. 

Pairing socks with their mate is a small extra step you can take that will help you hang onto your socks so you don’t have to retire them too early. 

Buy In Multiples

Having the ability to buy socks with different colors and patterns makes wearing them even more fun. You get the chance to show off a bit of your personality while keeping your feet comfortable throughout the day. One concern with having a variety of socks is when you lose one sock, you won’t be able to pair it with another unless you’re okay with being mismatched. 

You can solve this problem by buying your socks in multiples. Some people prefer to buy all the same white socks so they don’t have to be bothered by matching them. This makes it easier if you lose one to still be able to match the mate up with another sock. However, there’s not a lot of fun in only wearing basic white socks.

If you love picking out some nice, fun socks, buy more than one pair of that color and pattern you love. If your heart is set on a pair of socks with a fun night sky pattern on them, get them, but buy a second pair as well. This way you still have three socks you can rotate through if one of them goes missing. 

Buying in multiples allows you to express yourself without worrying about lost socks here and there. This solution can also be applied to the dreaded hole in a sock problem everyone faces.

Match Your Socks First

Another best practice for keeping your socks paired is matching them first when you finish a load of laundry. Sometimes it’s tempting to start folding from the top of the pile or maybe you prefer finding clothes that need to be hung up first. 

Matching your socks before anything else will help cut back on the search time for a lost sock. If while you’re matching your socks you realize that you have one lonely sock left, it’s easy to keep an eye out for it while you’re folding and hanging the rest of the clothing. You’ll know that there’s a good chance your sock is clinging to the inside of your pants or possibly hidden in your hoody pocket. 

If you wait until the end to match your socks, you won’t realize that one of your socks is playing hide and seek to begin with. You’ll then have to start going through all the clothes that were folded and hung up to try and locate it. This can end up being frustrating and time-consuming.

Use the match your socks first technique to save yourself from doing twice the work of folding and hanging clothes again, as well as the inevitable headache you’ll get from it all. 

Separate Hampers To Prevent Lost Socks


A lot of people choose to have separate hampers for light clothes and dark clothes. Some may even have a separate clothes basket specifically for towels. It’s not as common to have a hamper just for your socks, but it’s an excellent idea. 

Setup a separate hamper just for your socks. It doesn’t have to be a full-size hamper. You can even find a small box or container of some sort that will hold a week’s worth of socks.  

When you go to do your laundry you can select specific pairs out of your sock hamper and mix them in with a load of clothes you’re about to wash. This will ensure you’re putting in pairs of socks and will prevent the hunt you’ll have later to find out if you really have lost socks or if the mate has somehow ended up in another load of laundry. 

Wash Your Socks Alone 

While to some it may seem like a waste to run only a load of socks through the washer and dryer, it will save you the hassle of lost socks. A lot of machines offer small load settings that are perfect for a load full of socks. This will save you the time of having to search through all your other clothes to find each sock’s mate.  

Try hand washing your socks if you prefer not to run that small of a load through the washer. This will allow you to have complete control over where your socks are at all times and you won’t have to worry about the sock getting lodged somewhere in the washing machine. It also extends the life of your sock since it’s much gentler on the fabric. Use a mild detergent or even dishwashing liquid with some cold water in the sink and air dry them afterwards. 

Laundry Wash Bags

Invest in a few laundry wash bags to keep your socks separated from the rest of the laundry without needing to physically wash them separately. Laundry wash bags are typically a simple mesh bag that you put your clothes in and it will either zip shut or pull shut with a drawstring. 

An added bonus of a laundry wash bag is putting other delicate items in it. You can add any delicate clothing or undergarments to the bag to protect them throughout the wash. This makes it easier to move the clothing from the washer to the dryer and prevent having to hunt for them when the laundry is finished. 

Put Lost Socks In A Lost And Found 

Create a lost and found for your lost socks in your laundry room. Take a basket and place it near your dryer or where you typically fold clothes. Once you’ve noticed you have a sock that’s missing a mate, toss it in that basket. Hopefully, you’ll have the mate pop up in the next load of laundry. 

Sometimes you don’t end up finding your socks mate until you randomly stumble upon it. By the time you’ve found the missing sock, there’s a chance you don’t even remember where you put the original sock. you might even have tossed it out because you thought all hope was lost. This basket will give you a safe place for these single socks until their mate is rediscovered. 

Inspect Your Washer And Dryer

It’s always good practice to inspect your washer and dryer after each load of laundry. It’s good to check even if you don’t believe you’ve lost anything. Be sure to look around all the edges and cracks to see if anything has been unknowingly wedged in there. It’s also good to check the lint trap on your dryer. While socks don’t typically end up there, it does occasionally happen. A missing sock in the lint trap is both an inconvenience and a potential fire hazard. 

Pay Close Attention 

Pay close attention to your socks when you’re taking them to and from the laundry room. It’s extremely easy for a loose sock to end up falling through a slit in the basket or off the top without you even noticing. Go back through your house the way you came after you’ve dropped the clothes off in the washer to make sure no socks escaped. 

Do the same when you take the clothes out of the dryer. Once you’ve carried the load to where you’ll be folding, go back through your steps real quick to see if anything was lost in transit. There are a lot of times where you’re tossing your sock out of the dryer into the basket and it somehow falls out and slides under the machine. 

Another meticulous way to keep an eye on your socks is to count them before they are washed and after you’ve dried them. Counting the socks will allow you to make sure you’re leaving with the same amount you came with. This can be especially helpful if you aren’t pairing the socks before you wash them since the mate could potentially be in another load. 

It’s important to have a process in place when taking care of your socks to make sure you aren’t constantly looking for the mate. These tips and tricks will help you keep an eye on your socks and avoid losing them in the future. 

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