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Best Men’s Fashion Books

Whether you’re an up and coming designer, aspiring editor or just a guy who’s tired of wearing the same khaki’s on date night, these five menswear books will meet you where you are. These reads were handpicked and are highly recommended by us and others killing it in men’s fashion. 

abc of Men’s Fashion 

“abc of Men’s Fashion” is what it sounds like. This book lays the foundation for the do’s, don’ts and maybe’s of menswear. Hardy Aimes, a former designer and trendsetter from the U.K., published the book in 1964 and highlighted the more formal aspects of menswear. This style bible aims to allow readers to develop the appropriate fashion vocabulary and reference library. Reading this will allow you to know what you’re looking for when you stroll into your local Brooks Brothers. If you’re looking for something both informative and inspirational, this is the book for you.

Details Men’s Style Manual 

Although Details is no longer around, the style manual created by their former editor-in-chief, Daniel Peres, is definitely a comprehensive overview of what good style looks like for men around the country. This book reviews the rules of menswear, consistently presenting your best self and many reversible looks for various settings. Every staple item for every season is mentioned, in addition to styling recommendations that’ll have you the best dressed in the room.

Hunks & Heroes

If you’ve been following GQ for some time, you’re aware of its longtime creative director, Jim Moore. He’s kind of a legend in menswear and editorial. Numerous brands, collections, magazines, and blogs have been greatly influenced by Jim’s work at Conde Nast’s GQ. After gaining recognition for collaborating with icons across nearly every industry, he decided to release a book called “Hunks & Heroes,” detailing countless looks he created throughout the duration of his 40-year tenure at the famed publication. Every guy, regardless of style, can use a few looks in this book to cultivate their personal style.

Men’s Fashion Reader

Created for the fashion student or scholar, “Men’s Fashion Reader” helps its readers understand the materialistic and sociological aspects of men’s fashion. Fashion history, masculinity and media are only a few of the topics discussed. If you’re someone who enjoys delving into the intricacies of culture and identity within fashion, this is definitely the book for you. It comes as highly recommended by top scholars and fashion contributors.

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1 Comment

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